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    Why Do I Need a Compression Garment After Liposuction?

    Why Do I Need a Compression Garment After Liposuction?

    Why Do I Need To Use A Compression Garment After Liposuction?


    So you’re looking to trim away a little excess fat from you body and have considered liposuction. Surely, you’ve done your research and read all about the procedure— like how’s it done and how long it takes. But before you go ahead and schedule your surgery, let us advise you on how best to maximize your final results after your procedure. A common misconception with liposuction is that once the surgery is done, the work is all over, however the healing process is the single most important factor that will determine how well your final results will look. Something that you should familiarize yourself with is a compression garment, because you two will be best friends for weeks post-procedure and here’s why….


    1) Compression Garments Minimize Bruising and Swelling

    Incisions will be made and fat will be sucked out, it is after all how liposuction works. Any trauma to the skin, minor as this cosmetic procedure may be, will inevitably lead to some bruising in and around the incision sites. Swelling is also common after liposuction as little tunnels have been created where the fat has been taken out. However, too much fluid build up is not a good sign; this is called seroma. This complication is easily preventable by wearing a compression garment immediately following surgery including the few weeks afterwards. The compression garment works by applying pressure to your body tissue and helps your body reabsorb any of the excess fluid. The pressure of the garment also helps to alleviate any discomfort you might feel post-op.


    2) They Help Prevent Skin Dimpling

    Think of your fat tissues as a solid block of cheese. When the tubes are inserted into your fat tissues and fat is vacuumed out, it leaves tiny tunnels, now resembling a block of Swiss cheese. These tunnels can fill up with fluid and leave you with a uneven looking surface. Without any compression or pressure applied to these areas, the skin will not be able to heal properly. With a compression garment, the pressure gathers the tissues and seals these tunnels up, and eventually allows the skin to heal in an even, smooth layer.


    3) They Help Your Skin Contract and Shrink

    When fat deposits are taken out from underneath the skin, often times the skin will begin to sag as it has been previously stretched out to accommodate the fatty tissue. A lot of factors determine how fast your skin will contract back to normal, but sometimes your skin’s elasticity just can’t handle such excessive fat loss. When this happens, your skin is going to need some guidance as to where it should go. Compression garments provide that structure your skin needs to help your skin contract and eventually shrink back into place for a more smooth, even appearance. They ensure your body will heal at its maximum skin contraction without any unwanted folds or creases.


    Garments We Highly Recommend

    Not all garments are made equal and it is important to choose one that is not only going to provide the best pressure for you specific body area, but also be comfortable as you will be wearing this for the next few weeks after your procedure. Whether you have had liposuction done on your stomach, thighs, or arms, we have compiled some of our favorite compression garments that will help you get the best results after your surgery!


    How To Maintain Results After LipSuction

    How To Maintain Results After LipSuction

    How To Maintain Results After Liposuction


    You’ve decided to have liposuction—while it’s a huge commitment, we’re sure you haven’t arrived at the decision hastily. You’ve done the necessary research, chosen your surgeon, maybe even splurged on a new wardrobe for your soon-to-be slimmer figure. But have you thought about what happens months or years after your liposuction procedure?


    Your procedure is going to cost you time and money; it’s definitely a huge investment and you’re definitely going to want to maintain your post-surgery results long after the procedure is over.  This doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of gaining weight and put yourself on a life-long diet, it just means you’re going to want to adopt a healthier lifestyle to ensure your investment was well worth it. One thing a lot of liposuction patients tend to forget is that the procedure removes existing fat, it doesn’t prevent you from ever gaining weight again (although, wouldn’t that be nice?). Here are some simple ways you can help maintain your post-liposuction figure for years to come:


    1). Stay Hydrated

    Simple, yet often overlooked, hydration has many benefits for our health and body. For one, drinking a glass of water before every meal can actually help you feel full and prevent overeating. Water also helps aid the digestive process so your body stays regular and balanced. And water also helps increase metabolism rate so your body can burn calories quicker and keep the pounds from piling on. While an 8 oz. glass of water is recommended, it will differ for every individual and it’s best to speak to your physician to see what your personal needs are.


    2). Eat Healthy

    Pretty obvious, but it’s tried and true. Introducing more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein into your diet will help you maintain your figure as well as make your body feel a whole lot better and more energized. Try cutting down on simple carbohydrates such as soda, pasta, desserts, white bread, and artificial syrups (you can splurge every now and again, but try not to have this as a daily part of your diet), and try for good carbs such as quinoa, barley, oatmeal, and sweet potato.


    3). Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

    We’ve always been taught to have 3 meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While that’s great, sometimes reality hits and our schedules are chaotic and we forget to eat breakfast and lunch, then overdue it at dinner to compensate for the missed meals. A better, healthier way is to eat smaller, more frequent meals. Breakfast is always an important start as it gives you energy to get through the rest of the day. But snacking in between can not only help keep metabolism up, but it keeps the cravings down and prevents the chance of overeating from occurring. Some snacks you might consider are almonds, avocado toast, and yogurt.




    4). Exercise Everyday

    We don’t recommend exercising immediately after your surgery, but when your doctor gives you the go ahead, it’s best to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine. This can start with a brisk walk every morning or evening. Eventually, you can graduate to more demanding activities such as running, cycling, and weightlifting. Join that yoga class you’ve always wanted too, get a gym membership! Just remember that physical activity is going to keep your new figure toned and the weight off.



    Think of liposuction as a second chance at your dream body. You don’t want to waste it, so taking these simple steps can help you maintain your post-surgery body for years!

    Recovery Essentials After Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Recovery Essentials After Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Recovery Essentials After Breast Augmentation Surgery


    Often referred to as a “boob job” by many patients, breast augmentation surgery utilizes breast implants or even body fat to help restore the breasts volume (especially after pregnancy or significant weight loss), increase the size and shape of the breasts, and even help to improve the overall asymmetry of the breasts. It’s only natural after breast augmentation surgery for the patient to want to hurry through the recovery process so they can fully embrace their newfound figure. But, the recovery process is critical in determining the final result and that’s why there are certain recovery garments that are essential in helping the patient achieve their ideal outcome. Read below to see which post-procedure garments you should be wearing and which ones we highly recommend.


    Stabilizer Bands

    During breast augmentation surgery, there are different ways and techniques the surgeon will make an incision. This can be through the armpit, the nipple, or under the breast. When the incision is made through the armpit, it is called the trans-axillary technique. If this technique is used during your breast augmentation surgery, then a stabilizer band is going to be the best type of recovery essential for you.


    With the trans-axillary technique the implant is placed behind the thick pec muscle. Unlike the other two techniques, this means the muscle remains intact and uncut at the time of surgery; as a result, the implants may end up too high on the chest wall as the strong muscle is pushing them up.


    After surgery your breasts will start to naturally drop into place, however, a stabilizer band ensures they drop evenly and don’t continue to rise up for an asymmetrical appearance. Without a stabilizer band post-procedure, one breast may drop faster than the other and this leaves an unbalanced appearance.


    Stabilizer Bands We Recommend:


    • 3” Stabilizer Band from Isavela: This stabilizer band is an easy one-size fits all garment designed with a Velcro closure to help customized band positioning compression for your breasts. We love it because it is 100% latex free AND it’s breathable elastic helps to firmly keep your breasts from rising out of place while also keeping you super comfortable!
    • Implant Stabilizer 4 Piece Kit from Isavela: For maximum support and healing, this 4-piece kit has everything you need to ensure your breasts will heal quickly and properly. Kit includes 3 stabilizer bands and 1 band that adheres between each breast to help guarantee even spacing between breasts as well as support underneath and above to prevent rising.



    Support Bras

    Post-surgery your breasts will naturally be sore and need time to heal. The final result, including shape and size of the breast will not be achieved until weeks after the initial surgery. During this time, it is absolutely essential to wear a support bra to help speed through the recovery process and also make sure your breasts have a desirable final result.


    Support bras differ from regular bras in that they provide much needed compression after surgery. This compression helps the incisions heal correctly as well as help the implants from staying firmly and properly in place. Regular bras don’t provide the additional support needed and the underwire can harm and irritate the incision site, especially if the incision was made under the breast.


    Support Bras We Recommend:


    • Contour MD SP Cover Bra: If you’re looking for maximum support, this is the bra for you. It features molded cups to help support each breast and keep implants in place, PLUS comes with a built in stabilizer band to help prevent the implants from rising too high. The compression helps to heal swelling and bruising while also providing comfort and breathability. Available in B/C cup and C/D cup.
    • Design Veronique 2” Cotton Knit Bra: For something resembling a traditional bra with all the compression support, this bra from Design Veronique is going to be the perfect choice for you. It’s made of a nylon/spandex blend that provides comfort and support while healing. The bra comes with a 2” stabilizer band underneath to help keep breasts in place. Front hooks help to get bra on and off easily with minimal effort and strain.
    • Seamless Cup Basic Bra from Marena: While looking basic, it is absolutely anything but. Redesigned early this year, with Marena’s patented ComfortWeave fabric it provides enhanced support for overall comfort and durability. This seamless bra provides ample compression to help keep implants in place. An inch of fabric with elastic band has been added to the bottom of the bra for additional lift and support.